Colorado Wild Woman’s triathlon training program is designed to get you from where you are today to the finish line of your first (or 100th) Sprint or Olympic triathlon.

Swim Training

We have one of the best swim programs in the Denver Metro area, offering over 30 indoor pool sessions that are guaranteed to make you a better swimmer. On  Monday and Wednesday evenings our coaches will teach you swim techniques, drills and everything you need to know to become a good swimmer. If you are seasoned swimmers you’ll also benefit from these sessions! Our Sunday morning swims workouts are designed to put together what you have learned during the week.

indoor swim training
bike training

Bike Training

Our cycling program begins in April with clinics to teach you bike basics, answer your questions  and make sure you are fit properly to your bike. You WILL learn how to change a flat tire! Once we head outside to ride you will learn about  shifting, cadence, cornering, cycling safety, rules of the road and much more, while we gradually transition to longer rides.

Run Training

Our Run program also starts in April at the track where we will analyze your form and teach you how to run (or walk) efficiently. When the weather allows the coaches will take you outside on varied terrain, to practice the skills you have learned.

track run
open swim training

Open Swim & Brick Transitions

In June, we will start  Open Water Swim (OWS) training and doing brick workouts. We will get you comfortable swimming in open water, teach you how to sight to stay on course, and discuss water safety. These sessions are to prepare you to swim confidently in open water for your race. Bricks are training sessions that include at least two different workouts, a swim/bike, bike/run or swim/run for example. These training sessions are on Saturday mornings, where we will mostly work on transitioning from cycling to running. We will also have transition clinics to help you learn how to smoothly go from one discipline to the other; swim to bike to run.

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