Team CWW offers many programs for females interested in getting fit, learning new skills and challenging themselves.

Our full member ship includes 7 months of race specific triathlon training in all three sports, swimming, cycling and running. Members can choose to prepare for a sprint or Olympic distance race which is announced at the beginning of each season.

Sprint Program

The sprint program is for anyone, those new to the sport or veteran triathletes. Our coaches will teach you how to swim, how to improve your stroke and how to swim in open water. There are no pre-requisites for the sprint triathlon training program.

Olympic Program

Our Olympic distance program is for those ladies who like to go longer. We will train you to swim, ride and run an Olympic distance triathlon with these few requirements. One, you should have completed at least one sprint distance triathlon. Two, you must be able to commit a minimum of 6-8 hours of training per week at the height of the season before your goal race. Three, you must have a heart rate monitor for data analysis and training feedback purposes.  If you are ready for a new challenge this is the program for you.

Special Single Sport Programs

The Colorado Wild Women also offers training and coaching for single sports:

Indoor Swimming – learn to swim freestyle in a pool

Open Water Swimming– learn how to safely and efficiently swim in open water like lakes and oceans

Cycling -our cycling program includes bike safety, general maintenance and no-drop group training rides to build speed and endurance

Running-the run program is designed to teach you how to run more efficiently, gradually build your endurance and increase your speed safely.

If you are interested in our single sport memberships please visit the JOIN US page and select single sport indoor swim, cycling or running or open water swimming.

Cancer Survivor Program

You beat cancer! Come run with the wild women of Team CWW. We offer a limited number of discounted full memberships for cancer survivors. Participation requires a form signed by you doctor saying you are able to do the training. Please email us directly at: for details and how to sign up.

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