• Julie Lyons Head Coach

    Julie Lyons is a long-time endurance athlete and coach. She has raced all distance triathlons and is excited to share her love of the sport with every woman who wants to try a tri. An avid cyclist and founder of the non-profit Love, Sweat & Gears she lives in Greenwood Village.

  • Neale Orinick Assistant Coach

    Neale (pronounced nee-lee) is a single mom, writer and endurance sport junky. She loves being outdoors, mothering three sons and five rats, her apartment crowded with bicycles and dark chocolate.

  • Celeste Callahan Founder and Coach

    Celeste Callahan founded Team CWW on April 2, 1997 with two other women whose last names each began with W.  There in lies Team CWW.  Celeste has trained hundreds of women of all skills and ages in the last [More…]

  • Adrienne Espinoza Assistant Coach

    Adrienne has been a Colorado Wild Woman for many years and excited to continue coaching fellow triathletes.

  • Susan Williams Assistant Coach

    Susan became the first ever US triathlete to win an Olympic medal, taking the Bronze in 2004 in Athens, Greece. She is an elite triathlon coach and continues to race triathlons, including Xterra and holds training and racing seminars across the country.

  • Mary Walinchus
    Mary Walinchus Triathlon Coach

    “Coach Mary is a six year cancer survivor who battled stage 3 Soft Tissue Sarcoma in her leg.  Triathlon has given her an outlet and strength to keep saying “why not!”

  • Stacey Barth Intern Assistant Coach

    Intern assistant coach and long time member of Team CWW.

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