Celeste Callahan, Founder and Coach

The only remaining pre Title IX CWW coach,Celeste is  still channeled into the teams'  successes because they represent all what she was not allowed, growing up, to do. Her job, as a college graduate before 1972, was to find a man to marry  and to take care of for. It was more than implied, she says now,  that" I could never take care of myself.  So when I see you bravely head toward that first buoy at the pond, your virgin voyage into the cold dark murky water, I am redeemed for all the times I did not dare to try something new, something hard --- because I was not allowed to."
Celeste founded Team CWW  on April 2, 1997 with two other women whose last names each began with W.   Therein lies Team CWW.  
Celeste did not do sports in school. Of course not." And when we did anything in the park that involved a ball, I was always the last one chosen. I started triathlon to soothe my soul when I was in my early 40's and my husband was busy building businesses and my kids were in that silly middle school age. At the first masters swim clinic, I was laughed at. At the first bike clinic, I was left behind within the first block: I had a girl's bike with a basket. I worked hard for a year out of vengeance and, in the spring, I won the F over 35. There were no age groups. I was 43. It was 1986."  Since then, she says, she has done it all: 11 marathons, 4 Ironman triathlons, 3 times across Race Across America, and one Race Across the West. And she have done them well. "Now, at age 72, I have new obstacles. And, once again, you come in to view. If you can do it, then so can I. We need each other. Or: I do not know where I would be without you."
"What do I have to come home to? A semi retired husband and  Henry, the wonder dog. I read a lot. In fact, at this writing, I am aiming for a PhD in Biblical Interpretation. My children are my most important adornment. Those with children of their own -- 5 grandchildren all together -- live on the East Coast and I miss them. A son and daughter in law are in Denver, and we have come to depend on them -- not just because they are delightful and can figure out our electronics but because they are so social savvy and teach us which restaurants to go to."
Finally: There are gravestone moments that only triathlon provides. The six year old said once: "Hannah Nana. How many Ironman triathlons have you done." "Four,"she answered. Granddaughter put her hands in her head. "My friends at school with NEVER believe  this."

Bio:  Perennial member of Team USA, National Duathlon Champion, World Duathlon Silver and Bronze medalist, World Triathlon Gold and Bronze medalist, Team RAAM record holder for senior women (3 time finisher) Ironman four time finisher.  See link: Celeste Callahan Wins Inaugural ITU Women's Committee Award of Excellence

Certifications/Employment: USAT Level 2 Coach, National Board Member, USAT Triathlon, Awarded top American Triathlon volunteer from IOC and USOC, Level 2 Race Director.

Nicolette Clark, CWW Head Coach  (CONTACT)

Nicolette Clark

Nicolette has been competing in triathlon and other endurance events for over 10 years. Starting in 2004 with Tri for the Cure, she immediately found her passion in competition. From 2006-2010 she competed in numerous mountain bike races at the expert level, placing in many of them. Over the years she has fallen in love with the endurance events and rides, including a solo of the 12 Hours of Snowmass and the Firecracker 50, placing 4th and 2nd respectively.
In 2011 Nicolette came back to the sport of Triathlon, with the focus on endurance races. She has also placed in many Sprint and Olympic distances along the way, and has competed in the USAT Age Group Nationals.
In 2009 she made a career change from being a Lab Tech to a Fitness Professional, with the goal of doing something every day that she loves. She is a Certified Personal Trainer, Pilates Instructor, Sports Nutrition Specialist and Triathlon Coach. She specialized in functional strength training for athletes, core and balance, sports conditioning, injury prevention and pain management, reformer Pilates, and sports nutrition for athletes. Her goals are to help clients find their potential as an athlete, while focusing on form during strength training to prevent injuries and get the most out of every workout. She loves to teach clients so they know exactly what they are doing and why, so they can learn their body and be able to successfully workout on their own.
As a triathlon and run coach, Nicolette has worked with clients of all different abilities and ages. She loves to work with kids, beginners and elites alike. She has run her own kids triathlon camp, has coached many beginner women and has had clients that have qualified and competed in the Kona World Championship. She cherishes the relationships that she has made along the way, and thinks of her work as more than a job. It is her passion.
Certifications/Employment: ITCA Triathlon Coach Certification, ACSM Personal Trainer, Nutrition Specialist, Peak Pilates, and Owner/Operation of Clark FitPro LLC.


Barb Greco, Waves Head Coach 

Coaching and teaching has been part of Barbs life for over 30 years.  When she was fourteen, she started a small business teaching her cousins and kids in the neighborhood how to swim.  She has taken her passion for coaching swimming and studied Education to become a teacher.  She has been teaching now with Denver Public Schools for ten years and currently is a Literacy Intervention Teacher working with 6-8 graders at Kepner Middle School.   Barb also being a fairly active person herself often finds her way to the mountain to telemark ski.  Other interests are yoga, Pilates and are now thinking of completing a few triathlons again this summer.  She also enjoys hanging out with her two Bernese Mountain dogs (Chloe and Frankee). 

Certifications/Employment:  Even though Barb’s passion for coaching began in her backyard, she followed suit with it through college and completed her internship and then worked for a year following at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs for United States Swimming.  There her new knowledge led her to a full time coaching position in Arizona with the Arizona Swimming Gauchos.  She worked six years there with many reputable coaches.  Deciding after six years that she wanted to pursue her Masters, she moved back to Colorado with her family and proceeded to study at Regis University.  During her graduate program, she developed a business called triH2O coaching athletes of all levels (mostly adults) how to swim and eventually compete.  Some of her famous clients were Celeste Callahan and Julie Lyons.  Barb loves working with and seeing the progress of the swimming athlete.  As a collegiate athlete herself and now teacher (coach), helping her students and athletes realize their goals is her commitment.   

Annie Hoskinson, Assistant Coach

Annie joins Celeste in the pre-Title IX years, just barely.  Growing up she wanted to play Little League Baseball – told no, but you can coach – she coached her brother’s Little League team.  She was told no she could not play in the boys recreational basketball leagues – so she refereed.  Her high school athletic director would challenge kids to a game of Horse in basketball.  If you beat him, he’d buy you a shake at the local luncheonette.  Her classmates told her it wasn’t cool to beat the athletic director – she replied bulls..t and beat him every time.
Title IX was passed by Congress while Annie was in college.  She remembers exactly where she was when Billie Jean King beat Bobby Riggs (for those too young to know what she’s talking about – google it).  All of a sudden, being a female athlete was ok.  So, during her college junior year she gathered a group of female athletes and went about getting the then current version of women’s sports teams recognized as what we know today as recognized varsity athletics, fully supported by the University.  Setting meetings with the “powers that be” to plead and support our case proved challenging.  We knew the most important person to meet with ran on the track at noon – guess who ran with him one day asking for a meeting……  When the University started dragging their feet in quicksand about recognizing women’s athletics – guess who threatened to sue…..  Not satisfied with the recognition of women’s athletics, she then fought successfully for the first scholarship for a woman for a fellow athlete.
Always athletic because she could beat her 5 siblings in sports, Annie got involved in doing triathlons in 1990 – doing one of the original Danksin triathlons.  Well, she’d never done open water swimming and swam at least an extra 100 yards – which, of course, makes her very understanding of athletes who have never done an open water swim, plus a friend borrowed a bike for her to use, and let’s just say it was a bit big – you all can guess how comfortable that was!  The run was ok because Annie lived in Denver at the time and the event was in White Plains, NY.  Having plenty of O2 was fabulous!  Since then she’s done a number of sprint triathlons and just won her age group in a super sprint this past June (2014).  She’s always said if she kept doing it long enough she’d be old enough to win her age group!

Certifications/Employment:  Prior to joining up with the fabulous CWW group, Annie was head coach of the Danskin Training Group for the Denver Danskin event.  She’s coached athletes of all ages ranging from 4 to ???.  Along with the sports of triathlon, she’s coached soccer, basketball and hockey.  After years of working in university athletic administration, she decided to become a personal trainer.  Her certification is through NASM both as a personal trainer and corrective exercise specialist.  In addition she is a certified spin instructor by Madd Dog Cycling and is in the process of getting herself re-certified as a USAT Level 1 coach.

Julie Lyons, CWW Coach Emeritus

Julie enjoys knitting, reading, cooking, dog walking, and anything related to sport but not of the spectator variety.  Julie and her husband of 31 years have two grown (and gainfully employed) daughters.

Bio:  USAT All American Team USA, Gold Medalist Colorado State Games, Top Three Finisher Cherry Creek Time Trials, Ranked number one nationally in 2011 in Aquathlon, All American Ranking for Triathlon for many years, Overall women team winner in the Race Across America. Julie has been a member of Team USA triathlon numerous times.  She has raced in too many multi-sport events to count and she was on the record setting 2010 Race Across the West woman’s cycling team(which included Celeste and Ann). Julie and her teammates of Love, Sweat & Gears (LS&G) set the second fastest 4-women relay team time in the 2012 Race Across America (a 3000 mile bicycle race) and returned in 2013 to best the majority of the men’s teams placing 5th overall. Look for the return of LS&G in 2015.  

Certifications/Employment: Level 1 USAT Triathlon Coach and a Level 3 USA Cycling Coach; USAT All American.

Susan Williams, CWW Coach Emeritus

Susan Williams

Susan Rene Bartholomew Williams was born June 17, 1969 in Long Beach, Calif… Also lived in Springfield, Va.; Panama City, Fla.; and Honolulu, Hawaii... Father, Charles, was a Navy Captain specializing in diving and salvage   She earned a B.S. in aerospace engineering from the University of Alabama in 1992... Earned a master’s in aerospace engineering from the University of Colorado in 1994... Was employed by Lockheed Martin Aerospace Corporation from 1994-2003... Was working toward becoming an astronaut when her success at triathlon convinced her to give it a try... Married Tim Williams, an engineer for Lockheed Martin, on Nov. 27, 1999… The couple trains together often as he is an amateur triathlete... The couple has three children, Sydney (born 2001), Elysia (born 2006), and Keona (born 2010). Sydney got her name because Susan was trying to qualify for the 2000 Olympic team when she found out she was pregnant... Sydney joined Susan on the medal stand at the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens... After winning the bronze medal in Athens, Susan appeared on the Today Show and Late Night with David Letterman among other things.  Elysia, which is a Greek name, was born in December of 2006, Keona, which is Hawaiian for “God’s Gracious Gift” was born in August 2010,.Elite Triathlon Career: Became the first U.S. triathlete to win an Olympic medal by taking the bronze in 2004 in Athens... Came back in the Olympic triathlon after crashing into a barrier on the bike... Qualified for the 2004 U.S. Olympic team by finishing as the second American at the races in Honolulu, Hawaii and Bellingham, Wash...  Was selected the USOC athlete of the month for June 2005.  Did not compete late in the 2000 season due to pregnancy... Missed the first half of the 1999 season when she was diagnosed with a pulmonary embolism … Returned to racing in July and one month later, won the ITU North American Regional Championship, held in Wilkes-Barre, Pa… Won four races during the 1998 season, her second year as an elite.

Currently:  Started Commitment to Excellence Triathlon Coaching ( in 2004 and teamed with Bob Seebohar to form Elite Multisport Coaching in 2009 which now runs an Age Group Triathlon Team.  Also, gives motivational talks and triathlon clinics and seminars all over the country.  Continues to race triathlons, but has added Xterras and won Leadville 100 Mtb race in 2008.

Amateur Triathlon Career: In 1996, was the fastest U.S. amateur and won the 25-29 age group at the ITU World Championship in Cleveland, Ohio.  Finished fifth in the 25-29 age group and had the fastest bike split at her first Half Ironman in Gulf Coast Triathlon in Panama City, Fla on 1996.  Was selected the Female Amateur Triathlete of the Year by Triathlete Magazine in 1996.

Athletic Background: Swam at the University of Alabama 1987-1992. Set the Junior National record for the 200m butterfly in 1984. Still holds the Hawaiian record for 13-14 AG in the 200m butterfly.

Ann Lantz,  CWW Coach Emeritus

Ann has been married to Jeff Lantz since 1987 and they have two daughters.  Riley attends the University of Vermont and is a triathlete and Avery attends CU Boulder and is a soccer player.  Ann’s interests include “rescuing” dogs and cats (the family currently has 5 rescued animals) and watching every kind of sporting event on tv… the best “reality shows” there are!

Bio:  Ann was inducted into the Colorado Sports Women Hall of Fame in 2004 for her accomplishments in triathlon.  Ann is also a 2002 Age Group Triathlon World Champion and is a two time State Champion of the Colorado State Time Trials.  Since 2010, Ann’s passion has turned to ultra-endurance cycling and the formation of the non-profit bicycle team Love, Sweat & Gears(LS&G).  Ann and her team mates raced in the 2010 Race Across the West (RAW) and in the 2012 and 2013 Race Across America (RAAM).  Ann’s 2010 team are the current record holders for RAW and the 2012 and 2013 LS&G teams have posted two of the fastest times racing 3,000 miles across America in RAAM.
Ann has coached for Team CWW since 2006 and she considers every CWW training session a privilege to work with such an amazing and inspiring group of women and coaches. 

Certifications/Employment:  Ann’s love of sport and working with people led her to coaching and personal training. Ann has worked as a Personal Trainer since 1990 and as a triathlon coach since 2000.  She currently works as a Fitness Instructor (specializing in Indoor Cycling) and as a Personal Trainer for South Suburban Parks and Recreation.  ACSM (American College of Sports Medicine) Certified Health/Fitness Instructor; USAT Level 1 Coach; USA Cycling Level 3 Coach; Cancer Fit Specialist.