Here are some of the inquiries we get from prospective CWW members like you.
If you need to know more, feel free to contact us with your questions.

I am a beginning triathlete, is this for me?

Absolutely!  CWW is designed with the “newbie” in mind.  We have workouts that accommodate all levels of experience plus offer educational sessions, mentoring, and social events to hook you up with others with similar experience and goals.

How do I receive team communication during the season?

We have a Google listserve and a mobile phone app available to members only.  Through these services you will hear of informal group workouts, updates to the calendar, reminders, and race results.  We do have a Facebook page open to the general public.

Can I use a mountain bike or hybrid bike if I don’t have a road bike?


What do I need to own before CWW starts?

A good pair of goggles, swimsuit, a bike in good working condition, a certified helmet, sunglasses, and a good pair of running shoes are the basics!  If you aren’t sure what to buy, we will guide you from the kick-off going forward.  You don’t need all your gear on the very first day and often times you will be able to buy gear from veteran members who are upgrading!

How long is the CWW season?

March through July with social and fun events through September.

What events do you recommend? When should I sign up?

Every season CWW picks and announces a few select triathlons as our “target races” at the kick off.  These events are the ones we most recommend for beginners because there will be a CWW presence of coaches and members to support you in completing your triathlon!

Should I be training before the CWW kickoff?

Formal training prior to kickoff is not required or even recommended. We recommend that you have some level of activity prior to the kickoff.  Perhaps some walking, light cycling, yoga, pilates, zumba – whatever.

Do I need to attend all training workouts?

We know that everyone is busy and fitting in workout time is often dictated by family, jobs, and travel.  For this reason you will get a general training plan with your full membership for you to use as a back up if you can’t attend a coached session.  We also post workouts for those who have missed.

Where are most CWW workouts held?

We have athletes from all over the metro area so try to be flexible and central in our workout locations.  Our indoor swim program is at Englewood Recreation Center. We utilize the Denver Metro area for our bike, run and open swim training.

I’m training for a 70.3 or full Ironman, is this the group for me?

CWW is focused on beginners and those looking to improve their times, we might not be the right fit for your training needs at these longer events. However, we have coaches who are highly qualified to help you complete these longer events. Feel free to contact Nicolette Schoenfeldt at or Celeste Callahan at for guidance on a program that would work well for you. We highly suggest starting a 70.3 program at least 18 weeks before the event and the Full Ironman a minimum of 24 weeks before the event.

Is there a CWW kit or uniform?

Yes! We have a new design that is fun and flattering. We will have demos at the kickoff. The are not required, but that are highly recommended so others can identify and cheer for our team!

Congratulations on Taking the First Step!

We are excited to have you a part of our amazing Women’s group! The journey to a new you starts here, and there are a lot of women waiting to meet you and help you along the way!

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