• I joined CWW because I wanted to take my triathlon training past the do-it-yourself book training and actually having real live coaches.  Not only did I get great coaching, I also got amazing teammates, incredible support from everyone in the organization and lifelong friends.  I feel that I am a better trained triathlete thanks to CWW.

    Trina W.
  • Thank you everyone with Team CWW for your amazing support! I had so much fun and really think I hit a great pacing level (in large part because of your excellent coaching).

    Hillary H.
  • It was nice to join CWW, Colorado Wild Women, to meet some local triathletes in Colorado. The swim sessions and early indoor track sessions were so needed to get the momentum going. I could not have finished this race this year without all the awesome support of this group and my husband, he gave me the extra support to accomplish this huge goal. He literally would get home from work and start his second job of taking care of our sweet daughter, Mackenzie. Thank you Mark for believing in me and my Ironman vision, and for the awesome finishing necklace, way better then a tattoo!

    Jennifer E.
  • I joined CWW after having done very little exercise for many years and feeling like I needed a group to get me going.  I loved re-learning how to swim, ride, and jog (sometimes walk, sometimes run) the RIGHT way.  The coaches and members were all so kind and encouraging.  I was taking baby steps but I was doing it.  AND, I learned how NOT to get injured.  It has been a fun journey and I look forward to learning for many years to come!

    Laurie C.
  • One of my favorite things was participating in the race with my fellow Team CWW teammates.  For many of us, our wave didn't go off until 8 am, and having teammates near during that waiting period really helped calm my nerves.  I also wanted to express my deepest appreciation to each of you for all the advice and coaching over the past four months; we the members of Team CWW have benefitted from all the hours that you have devoted to helping us meet our individual goals.  Joining Team CWW has been a wonderful experience for me and just what I needed at this time in my life.  "Thanks a million!"  Also, thank you to all my Team CWW teammates -- to those who ran the race and our incredible cheerleaders.  This race, was a blast -- it was so fun to see other teammates out on the course...hooray, we did it, congratulations to all.

    Gayle G.
  • In 2012 I competed in my first triathlon thinking it would be my only one...fast forward to today and I'm going on four years next season.  Each year I had a goal to focus on nutrition, strength, speed and finding a support team that would help me succeed in all of these areas plus more.  My friend mentioned CWW and how she had joined.  Following in her foot steps, this 2014 season was my second year with CWW and I took advantage of the full offerings - this was a WONDERFUL option.  Not only did CWW allow me to reach my goals, I also made some of the best friends where we are able to support  one another, push each other, grow together, be nervous together, and experience every emotion that goes into training and competing.  CWW has allowed me to grow beyond my wildest dreams and I can't wait to learn even more next season!

    Jenny S.

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