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Board of Directors and Program Manager

Connie Carson, Ph.D., President

Connie Carson, Ph.D., joined CWW over five years ago and soon became a member of the Board of Directors. Currently, she serves as the President.  Today, she’s more interested in helping other women become physically fit than she is in her career accomplishments. She did the open water Escape from Alcatraz swim in 2015 and looks forward to helping any CWW members who would like to do it too.

Connie’s professional career spanned three specialties: rehabilitation, transplant medicine, and oncology.  She worked as a speech-language pathologist for decades, and then became the first Executive Director of a bone transplant program, meaning she removed bone from cadavers to be used for orthopedic and dental procedures.  Following this most interesting chapter of her life, she worked as a technical writer for the oncology division for the parent company of HealthOne. This launched her interest in the importance of exercise for cancer patients, which has been her professional passion for the past two decades.

Connie (Ph.D.), joined CWW seven years ago and was so enamored of the team and it's a mission that she quickly became a member of the Board of Directors. 

For a complimentary copy of the second edition of her book, Fitness for Cancer Patients, please contact Connie at

Her most recent publication, “Communication Strategies in the Multigenerational Workforce,” (2018) was published by ONS Publications Department, Oncology Nursing Society, edited by Mary Magee Gullatte, Ph.D., RN, ANP-BC, AOCN, FAAN

Nancy Beegle​

Nancy has been an operations leader and executive-level contributor in home care, hospital, and ambulatory health care. With over 25 years of experience, Nancy has served as VP of Operations for Cancer Clinics of Excellence and Clinical Services Director at Rocky Mountain Cancer Centers. She has built high-growth, profitable and sustainable product lines from distressed operations or from the ground up. She has guided companies’ business lines in health care, clinical trials, and research to greater levels of success. Leading innovative business initiatives, Nancy has built result-oriented teams and collaborated across departments/organizations to generate efficiencies, cut costs and position each organization for growth.

Nancy received her MBA with a concentration in Health Care Administration, as well as her BSN from the University of Miami. She has been published numerous times in leading healthcare journals for her trial and data analysis work.

Rona Kadish

Rona joined CWW almost twenty years ago, barely able to swim or ride a bike. “Don’t listen to those negative voices in your head,” Rona says.  “I did my first year and was way too intimidated to attend any workouts. Don’t make this mistake. Those negative voices are lying to you.”  The CWW coaches taught Rona to swim and bike and since that time and un-leased her inner beast. To date, Rona has completed over a hundred triathlons and other races.   “Nothing has changed my life more profoundly and brought me more joy than CWW. I wish to share that joy with others,” Rona says.

Julie Lyons


I am a pre-Title IX nine athlete who found the joy of triathlon in my 40s. I completed my first triathlon as a dare and raced the distance in running clothes-yes, the swim (not the shoes) and the bike, too.  Since then I have welcomed opportunities to explore and embrace my athletic potential.

I have raced every triathlon distance and took up cycling competitively when I learned it is not necessary to wear your age on your calf and tattoos were not a thing. I have raced in the Race Across America (RAAM) three times and the Race Across the West (RAW) once. Most recently, I set a trans-Colorado cycling record on a 4-person team, which included two physically challenged athletes on hand-cycles.

I co-founded and am the president of Love, Sweat & Gears, a non-profit organization dedicated to educating, inspiring and training anyone with a love of cycling for recreational pursuits and a healthier lifestyle and/or competition.

As a “late bloomer” I find great inspiration in coaching others to reach their athletic goals.  The camaraderie and spirit experienced when exploring new abilities are what triathlon is all about!

I have lived in Colorado most of my life and love the outdoor, active lifestyle we are so lucky to have here. I currently reside in Greenwood Village with my handsome husband, Doc, and our dog, Maybee. 

Education & Certifications:

USAT Certified Coach
USAC Certified Coach
TrainingPeaks Certified Coach

Adrienne Espinoza 

Adrienne is the epitome of CWW's life-changing influence.  On a whim (which may or may not have included wine), Adrienne registered for a triathlon that sounded like it would be a fun thing to do with her daughter.  Six months later,  she thought it would be a good idea to go online and see exactly what distances she would be racing.  Imagine her surprise when she realized she would be swimming 1.2 miles (not a swimmer), bike 56 miles (casual cyclist), and run 13.1 miles (runs 5K).  In a panic, Adrienne joined CWW and after 6 months of team training (and extra time on her own), she and her daughter Vanessa completed their first 70.3 half ironman.  Since that time, Adrienne has competed in all distances of triathlon, including Ironman, and more recently has turned to bike racing; competing at and earning top 3 rankings at the 6 Hour World Time Trial Championships. If you need a shoulder to rest on, Adrienne will have not only your back but your legs and heart as well.  

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