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2023 Coached Open Water Group Swims  

Our 2023 OWS Season is currently OPEN!

2023 Team CWW Coached Open Water Group Swim Season

2023 Swimmers are no longer required to be a member of a permitted group to swim at Chatfield Gravel Pond this summer.  

You are able to swim any day of the week, from Sun Up to Sun Down.  
Swimmers will swim "On Your Own" and not part of a "Group".

Q.  Don’t want to swim alone? 
Team CWW is offering Coached Group Swims!  
This means you  must join Team CWW as an Open Water Swimmer  and you will be permitted to participate in the Coach Lead Open Water Swim Events.

Q.  When do we swim? 
Team CWW swims on Saturday mornings at 7:30am and Wednesdays at 6:00am or 6:30pm, June, July, and August.  Meet up with other team members any day of the week, sunup to sundown.

Q.  How much does it cost? 
2023 Season Cost:  $75.00
Season Start: Monday Jun 05, 2023
Season   End: Sunday  Aug 21, 2023

Q.  Ready to Sign Up? 
Complete the Application Below!

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